Studio Mut Close

The catalogue for Inside Lottozero…

comes in the form of a solid brick

made out of pattern.

…and features 13 artists, dealing with textile design, music and performance. Conceived by Arianna and Tessa Moroder and curated by Alessandra Tempesti, the opening exhibition shows how wide-ranging textile art and research can be. The catalogue’s languages, English, Italian and German, are graphically interwoven, too.

Inside Lottozero

Exhibition catalogue for the opening exhibiton of Lottozero textile laboratories
Edited by Tessa and Arianna Moroder, curated by Alessandra Tempesti
Hardcover, 184 Pages, Printed in Germany
ISBN 978-88-942019-0-1
Design: Studio Mut, Martin Kerschbaumer, Thomas Kronbichler
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