Studio Mut Close

Innsbruck International

Three strong female artists and the slogan «Agents of Social Change» communicate the 16 day event, taking place in over 10 locations, and presenting more then 20 international artists. The completely redesigned identity programme and design for the Biennial of the Arts Innsbruck includes posters, advertising, program books, and a mobile website.

Playing with identity

The distinctive portraits of the 3 leading artists / performers create an immediate connection with the audience. With the basic elements in place — the typeface, the colour, the Innsbruck International ribbon — we were free enough to design very different media without loosing the Innsbruck International brand.

Innsbruck International

Biennial of the Arts

Brand design, ad campaign, poster series, program books, responsive website.
For Innsbruck International
Design: Studio Mut. Martin Kerschbaumer, Thomas Kronbichler
Web development: Studio Mut. Thomas Kronbichler, Ernesto Bellei
Portrait photos: Maria Knoll
Typeface: GT Cinetype by Grilli Type